New segment: 5 FAB FACTS!

Aug 27, 2020

fab facts

We have something fabulous to introduce. Emphasis on the word fabulous. Well, fab for short.

While Newsy Jacuzzi is a news podcast often each story has a LOT of background information. That means a lot of fun facts.

But, wait. Why are they always called “fun facts?” Playing tag is fun. Splashing in water is fun. Baking cookies is fun. But are facts fun…? We think when facts are super interesting, especially when they are out of the ordinary…  then they’re fabulous! Or, just… fab for short.

So every episode we’re going to wrap up with the top five fab facts heard on the show. Better still, we’ll put them here on our website too on the Lucky Dip page. So each week you can come here and be reminded what they were. Cool, huh?