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Mega space news, Sri Lanka plastic spill, EV breakthrough, “Hero Rat” retires

Venus mission, Jupiter moon, worms in space, kites on Mars, Sri Lanka ship disaster, EV battery break-through, mine-sniffing rat retires

Jun 9, 2021 Episode 50

Newsy Jacuzzi

Newsy Jacuzzi: An Educational News Podcast for Kids

Newsy Jacuzzi is a weekly, kid-friendly news podcast for curious kids and open minds! Our educational podcast covers everything from top science news (aka the “World of Wow”) to the latest in tech, arts, culture and entertainment (our “ACE” stories) and even politics. Here’s a snappy lil’ trailer about how we started!

Each podcast episode also takes a deeper dive into our “Big Story of the Week” — bite-sized educational stories for kids, like the US election, the rise of EVs, India’s toxic air, storm seasons, Martian lakes and more! We also end each episode with an “Oddball Story” from the chocolate snow in Switzerland to the cows with faces on their butts in Botswana or 3D dinosaurs in your kitchen.

Newsy Jacuzzi is a news podcast for kids by kids. That’s why our correspondents are kids from all over the world — Asia, Africa, Europe, UK and North America.

Oh… one last thing! Newsy Jacuzzi is a grassroots educational podcast for kids produced by a tiny team – a passionate mother-daughter duo. We’re also a proud member of the Kids Listen family.

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Floating island city, TV space race, cicadas stink, slimy soap

Maldives floating city to combat rising seas, Russia and US race to get dramatic in space, cicada update (they stink!), snail snot soap

Jun 2, 2021 Episode 49

UFOs are official, burger day for earthlings, dramarama craze, crazy word dispute

US openly investigate UFOs, burger journey sums up humanity, online drama workshops all the rage, crazy croquet word dispute

May 26, 2021 Episode 48

Taiwan drought, gas hack, UK hugs, Oz mice plague, “centibutt” sea worm

Taiwan needs rain, US gas ransom hack explained, UK trade stiff-upper-lip for hugs, Australia overrun by mice, many-butted worm

May 19, 2021 Episode 47

Happy Eid, COVID kindness, biggest plane, butterfly back, sheep-V-lawnmowers

Muslims celebrates Eid, COVID making us kinder, plane on path to rocket launch, Duke of Burgundy butterfly, sheep V lawnmowers

May 12, 2021 Episode 46